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This document is valid as described from its last review date
Document must be reviewed by the manager within 4 weeks of its expiry of validity
and updated/continued as necessary.

Est-Health understands that complaints can be a useful source of information about
the client's perspective of our services and can be used as a resource for
contributing to professional development.



This policy can be found on our website displayed in clinic and
by request.


Complaints regarding service of pre or post Surgery Care


  - Staff should be aware that complaints are frequently resolved by giving the
complainant an opportunity to air their grievance and receive an explanation of
the issues involved. If the complainant knows that they are being listened to
and taken seriously, they will often respond in a more positive manner.

  - Any client wishing to make a complaint is taken into a private area and time
given to hear the complaint in full. If the complainant is not the client, written
consent must be provided by the client on whose behalf the complaint is

  - When a complaint is made, the Manager will record the relevant information on
a complaint form, which is then signed by the client.

  - It is explained to the client that the matter will be investigated, and a report or
acknowledgement will be supplied within two working days.


  - The complaint form is referred immediately to the clinic management.

  - Depending on the nature of the complaint, the clinic management will
endeavour to resolve the complaint as far as possible to the client’s

  - The client is informed of the outcome in writing. In the case of minor matters
the client may be informed by telephone. 
Last Review: 01/08/2023 Validity: 2 years Version: 1.2

  - National time limits for complaints must be followed:

  •  a written acknowledgment is sent within 2 working days (unless a full reply can be completed within 5 working days);

  •  a full response is sent within 20 days; or,

  •  where an investigation is ongoing, a full response is sent within 5 days of its conclusion.

  - At all times the client will be supported in their access to this procedure.

  - Clients should be assured that raising a complaint will not affect their
standard of care and treatment in any way.

  - The Manager will ensure that the complaints log is accurately maintained
and that any action taken because of the complaint is recorded.

  - Clients at anytime can send their complaints to


The Programme Manager,
Independent Healthcare Services Team,
Healthcare Improvement Scotland,
Gyle Square,
1 South Gyle Crescent,
Edinburgh, EH12 9EB,
Tel: 0131 623 4342,


Complaints regarding Surgery received


- Any concerns regarding your surgery should be referred to the operating
hospital. Our medical team can review your situation and give you a medical
report if required.

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