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Pre-Surgery Consultation
in Glasgow

Based at our Est-Ethics clinic in Glasgow our central location clinic is conveniently placed for patients based in Scotland and above. Your pre-post consultation is equally important on your decision and progression to surgery. Our aim is to provide medical advice to our patients so that they can make the right choices about their options for surgery abroad. Our priority is subsequently safeguarding our patients.


This is an option very popular now and many patients seek to have their surgeries abroad due to readily available logistics, very competitive costs of surgeries and expertise. Please be aware that this option may not be suitable for all patients, that’s why impartial pre-surgery is paramount for safety.

Post Care
in Glasgow

Your post-surgical care is as important as your surgery. Having to rely on a continuous care, post care option is widely missing with almost all heath tourism providers. We fill this gap and give increased confidence to our patients with their journey. On their return to UK, our qualified medical staff will be at your side to help you to recover fast and comfortably.

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About us

Est-Health is an innovative private healthcare service provider based in the UK with strong connection to overseas healthcare providers globally. Preventative health and optimal health are the core ethos we possess. UK registered doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals strive to provide excellent care to our service users.  

Our Happy Customers

Our commitment to delivering exceptional outcomes and exceeding customer expectations has earned us a reputation for consistently delivering successful treatments. Here are a few of our happy customers and their amazing results.

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